Thursday, April 25, 2013

So much to say.. So much to say

Dave Matthews popped in my head just as I was ready to write a title. I do have so much to say and I'm hoping I can keep this post organized.

So just as I've been feeling that I need to head down a new road, I spoke with 4 different women and one man who gave me just that - a new hopeful direction. I finally spoke with other moms who have experienced a situation similar to ours and who can say their children are recovering. To hear those words - and I'll end the sentence there.

While I was at intense PT with Josie, a woman named Melissa came in with her son Matthew. I've seen them there for months and I couldn't get over how great Matthew looked. He's younger than Josie and was walking like a champ. I told her Matthew seems absolutely fine and she says she credits her team for getting him caught up. Part of her team is a woman named Jodie Collins, a PT who does CranioSacral Therapy. Melissa actually gave me Jodie's card a while ago, but I thought I had been doing Cranio with Dr. Sherr for a while already and I wasn't sure if it was yielding any real results for Jojo. Her explanation of Jodie's therapy sounded very different so I called Jodie as soon as I got home. She was instantly nurturing on the phone.

I started telling Jodie everything we've been doing and this is where the conversation led me to other moms to speak to.
I mentioned that I just ordered the book from the founder of the Institute of Achievement of Human Potential called 'What to do about your Brain Injured Child." Dr. Palevsky had recommended that we look into going to a 5 day course at this institute eventually. I got the info about the course and the statistics of results seemed promising. I was a bit fascinated by the book and the therapy concept called Patterning. The idea of it made sense to me - you use specific movements on the child based on where she has hit a roadblock in a development. The movements are supposed to trigger the area of the brain that is not developing to start working properly. So I started asking our therapists at home to do the movements on Josie with me. Anyway, as soon as I mentioned this to Jodie she asked me to please hold off on doing Patterning until I speak with Amanda, a mom of a boy named James that she sees.

Amanda and I spent at least an hour on the phone. She went to the *institute and when she came home and did the Patterning with her son he completely shut down. It was traumatic for him. We both agree this obviously does not mean Patterning is bad. In fact, it seems to be very successful for many children, but all I need is one story where it had a harmful impact and I'm sure as hell not doing it with Josie. James was about 16 months at this time. Since birth he had a very hard time gaining weight (much like Josie). He even had a tube to receive food for a while. Before Patterning all he could do was sit up (which is more than Josie). He couldn't roll over though. After Patterning, he wouldn't move. Soon after, Amanda spoke with a woman named Rachel who has an incredible story and whom got her to work with a Naturopath named Wanda.

You still with me? We have Jodie, Amanda, Rachel,and Wanda. Amanda told me Rachel's story of how she basically cured her son of autism once she met Wanda. I know any Western doctor would laugh at that and say something like, "no she didn't" or "maybe he never really had it." But, I spoke to Rachel and her story is quite real. Wanda tests people for toxins in their body. She uses a cotton swab to get saliva from the inside of the person's cheek and tests it. For James, Wanda found high levels of toxins in his body. I forgot exactly which toxins. She then put him on a regimen of supplements to detox him. He is now 2 years old; he is crawling and he is fat.

Rachel's story is similar. Her son became autistic at I think she said between 2-4 years old. He completely turned after a flu shot. She met Wanda, did a test and found he had incredibly high levels of candidia (fungus) in his gut as well as many other toxins. He went on a regimen to detox. Rachel said he would always just walk in circles on the driveway, every day the same pattern and one day he broke the cycle and crossed the street. It was the start of his autistic pattern falling apart. He is now 9 years old and he is just one year behind in school - a regular school - treated as a regular student. She says she remembers so clearly when he returned to her.

So Wanda has Josie's cotton swab. Help me Wanda, help help help me Wanda. I couldn't resist.

Through my conversations and research I'm starting to understand that of course, it's not that vaccines directly cause autism or developmental delays, but what seems to be a prevalent occurrence is that if a baby is compromised already, either by toxins or by a degree of oxygen depravation from trauma at birth or in utero, his/her body and brain might not be able to tolerate the toxins that are in the vaccines. I've been told by more than one alternative professional that it's possible Josie underwent some trauma while in utero where her oxygen supply was impacted. So maybe while depleted of the proper oxygen levels, the toxins in the vaccines mixed with the chemicals in her body and caused injury to her brain. Do we know for sure this is what happened? Of course not.

Needless to say, I'm eager for Wanda's results (should be 2 weeks) and I'm eager to start what will be a "slow, gentle, detoxification."

I mentioned there was also a man I spoke with. That is Matt; he's in Italy. He is also part of Amanda's and Rachel's team. Unfortunately, I don't have to make a trip to Italy any time soon because he can do his work over the phone. I will save his angle for another post.

And on the Western front, this week I saw Dr. Maytal, Josie's Neurologist and Dr. Wilkens, our Pediatrician as well. I will save this for another post too. I'm tired.

But before I go I will add, Josie is showing us something. She might not be reaching milestones or gaining weight yet, but she is more present. Her eyes are a lot better and if it is even possible, she manages to get cuter every day.

*Amanda actually attended a course at a different institute that also teaches patterning. Dr. Palevsky had given me the names of both.