Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summa Summa Time - and someone's improving!

We've moved out to our beloved Montauk for the Summer and someone loves the ocean air.

We decided to take a break from Josie's typical schedule of back-to-back therapists and appointments all day. We all needed a break and I think Josie can use some new sensory experiences. That said, I did find an amazing OT in Montauk who is coming twice a week, so she's still getting some very good therapy. I really love this OT, Lori.

The truth is that since we've been out here, I've had some scares that she was not progressing, but in the past few days, she's wow'd me. Today I almost cried when she basically rolled over by herself! She's moving so much more, scooting her little legs under her belly, and reaching for what she sees in front of her - with both hands! This is new.

I recently described Josie's development like Groundhog Day, she's been developmentally 4 months since being 4 months - so for 15 months. I am pretty certain she's gained a month. She's getting there. And she's so ambitious!

Josie is in phase two of Wanda's homeopathic regimen; she's taking something called thuja which removes trace toxins from vaccines. All I know is that she's definitely improving.

Here she is reaching for her favorite ball...