Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I Say Hello!

When the doctor told us, "she'll probably never speak," my only thought was, You don't know that. Not even four years old and Josie is all about greeting people with a great big "hi."

Of course, it happened while I was away! Janice, our nanny (our Janny), sent me a video of Josie's first word. It's not perfected yet, but she is rounding her mouth and repeating the sound with absolute purpose. I was at a music festival in Virginia that our company was a sponsor of when Janice sent me this video, and it was hands down the greatest thing I heard all weekend. Sorry Robert Plant and John Bell, but this was better.

Note: This was just the first time she said it, it's gotten clearer every day! New video coming soon.

** The song title of this blog is none other than the Beatles "You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello." Or "Hi," rather. **