Friday, November 15, 2013


Josie is starting to scoot! She's going through a developmental growth spurt right now!

Tonight she moved her little body more than she ever has! She can move herself in a circle around the mat and she's starting to inch forward! We took off her pants to make it easier for her. Try to resist the urge to bite that little tushie.

Look how determined she is to get that ball!

Josie is also doing better in her walker (gait trainer) every day. She walks backwards in it a little and even takes a few steps forward with a little help. It's definitely helping her gain strength in her legs. We saw a new neurologist last week, Dr. Molofsky at Beth Israel in NYC, and he commented that her legs are strong. That was a first! As far as our visit with him, he was a really nice and clearly a very smart neurologist, but he didn't have any answers for us. His recommendation was to do the whole exome sequencing test, which we've already done.

Anyway, Josie is impressing me so much these past few days. I'm making a prediction that she will be scooting regularly by Tanner's birthday on March 19th, 2014.