Thursday, February 21, 2013

Free Energy

I brought Josie to an energy healer the other day named Russell Lipensky and we both got a treatment. When I was referred to him, I was told that "it's hard to explain what he does, but everyone who sees him feels better after." And after seeing him, that's how I explain it as well. He's a body healer who relates thoughts and emotions to specific parts of the body and releases the negative energy with a physical technique.

For Josie, he immediately said that her whole tummy is shifted to the right and I was shocked because I always saw that and no other doctor seemed to think anything of it. He said her intestines and stomach are in the wrong place and he massaged her to fix it. He said she should start to gain weight now and the next day she gained a pound. Coincidence? **Who knows; who cares. She is gaining weight!

He did more work on Josie (and she was so good) and then it was my turn. Without going into much, he told me my stomach was in knots and as much as I say I don't worry, he knows I do. He worked on me for an hour, talking as a therapist /spiritual healer and massaging the negative energy out of my body. My stomach was sore for 2 days after and I can't explain it, but I just seem to be going through my days a lot lighter. Jojo and I will absolutely see him again.

Music reference: There are two. Free Energy is an indie pop band that I really like. I don't know if anyone else knows who they are, but I've had their song Dark Trance on my running mix for a while now and I'm still into it. And reference #2 - **Who knows, who cares is an amazing song by one of my favorite bands right now, Local Natives. I just saw them for the second time and they are just so good. I highly recommend listening to both their albums on repeat.

Here's Josie and Tanner just being so cuddly and cute as always. Tanner loves his baby so much - can you tell?!

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Weight

Josie hasn't gained any weight in 6 months. In fact, she lost a pound. She was 17 pounds in Sept. and now the scale says 16. I don't get it. She eats all day and her legs look chubby. The metabolic dr. found nothing wrong. Dr. Palevsky thinks it's not about caloric intake, but rather the way her body uses the energy from food. In his words: she's getting fed enough food, and she is getting sufficient calories, it's just that she doesn't have the capacity to utilize the nutrients enough for her to grow.
Dr. P feels hyperbarics could help this. He also says: If there has been a vasculitis contributing to her ongoing developmental and growth issues, and not an as-yet-to-be-determined syndrome that would help you understand everything that is going on, the vasculitis is happening at all levels of the body, including the gut and the brain.

During our last visit he recommended we change her breakfast to dinner foods. I mentioned in an earlier post that he has her on an Ayurvedic diet to energize her body. His thinking is to add protein-rich energizing foods right at the beginning of the day - "fire up her system". We've been doing that and I was sure she was gaining weight, and was pretty surprised to see she actually lost weight. I'm reading other stories online of babies who didn't gain weight for an extended period of time, but most are related to the baby starting to crawl and moving a lot, so that doesn't apply.

On a positive note, her head circumference is growing! Exhale.

Music reference: "The Weight" hardly needs explanation. It's been called one of the greatest rock and roll songs of all time by Rolling Stone and others. The classic song by the folk rock band called The Band (how did they get away with that?) including Robbie Robertson and the late great Levon Helm, might be one of the most covered songs out there. Here's the soulful Mavis Staples live in concert singing The Weight And here's a documentary about the making of The Band's self-titled classic album the song appears on.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Foxygen update

I couldn't wait to use that title (see music reference below).

Here we are - me and the beanie in our cozy chamber! We've just completed 18 dives. 22 more to go. It's gotten much easier and even somewhat enjoyable. Josie is crying a lot less now and during some dives, she doesn't cry at all. She laughs at the baby einstein videos we've been playing. She thinks that cartoon elephant dancing to the sound of Mozart is hilarious - it's inside baby humor. Anyway, a happy Josie = a happy mommy.

Music reference: Foxygen is an indie band (from L.A.) that is bringing something different to the genre. They're playful and funny, with a mix of 60's pop, 70s groove, and something new. The lyrics make me smile and that's a good look these days :). They deliver the message (to me, at least) that sometimes you just gotta lighten up. Here's Pitchfork's review of the band's sophomore album.