Saturday, February 9, 2013

Foxygen update

I couldn't wait to use that title (see music reference below).

Here we are - me and the beanie in our cozy chamber! We've just completed 18 dives. 22 more to go. It's gotten much easier and even somewhat enjoyable. Josie is crying a lot less now and during some dives, she doesn't cry at all. She laughs at the baby einstein videos we've been playing. She thinks that cartoon elephant dancing to the sound of Mozart is hilarious - it's inside baby humor. Anyway, a happy Josie = a happy mommy.

Music reference: Foxygen is an indie band (from L.A.) that is bringing something different to the genre. They're playful and funny, with a mix of 60's pop, 70s groove, and something new. The lyrics make me smile and that's a good look these days :). They deliver the message (to me, at least) that sometimes you just gotta lighten up. Here's Pitchfork's review of the band's sophomore album.

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