Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Queen of California

That's a John Mayer song.. Supposedly about Jennifer Anniston.

Anyway, The Johnsons headed West for a trip to Cali! We stayed at our Qello West Coast Headquarters, which just happens to be the former home of Jim Morrison!
It's amazing and you just can't help but feel the ghost of music greatness all around you in Laurel Canyon. There is so much music history there.

Before I get into Cali, an update on Josie's test results - we won't know until April! Seems the word is out about the Whole Exome Sequencing test and the lab has become inundated. So, we will wait.

Now onto the week of sunshine, theme parks, and great sleep! Josie just sleeps better through the night when we travel! She loved California. We first stayed in LA, went to Disneyland, and Lego land, and then stayed down by the beach in Santa Monica!

Josie's first ride! It was a Buzz Lightyear (baby) ride.

So silly!

Just hanging outside Jim Morrison's old home in the sunshine!

They don't share iPads

Thank you for loving Josie Dasha!

This is NYC made out of legos!! How amazing?!

And Vegas!

Cute little Ewok

Sibling conversations over lunch

Talk to the hand brother!

Beautiful evening in Santa Monica