Wednesday, January 30, 2013


We all (and by "we" I'm referring to Team Josie - all her therapists, doctors, friends and family who take notice of Josie's progress) have seen some significant improvements in the past few weeks.

Here are some recent observations at 14 months:
- Her eyes aren't turning in as much. In medical terms, her strabismus seems to be getting better. I'm wondering if it has to do with the HBOT as I've read it could help visual issues.
- She's also tracking with her eyes so well. I don't even think tracking is an issue anymore.
- She's opening her hands more. Babies usually lose the "grasp" or "palmer reflex" at around 6 months, but Josie's been making those fists (daddy calls them boxing gloves) all along. While some people will compliment her nice grip, it's actually something we've been hoping would go away. Seems it's starting to!
- She's kicking her legs. She just never did this before. When I go into her room in the morning and she hears me say her name, those legs start kicking! Future Rockette?
- She's reaching for things while on her belly and bringing them to her mouth. She's just reaching for things in general more. While it's still hard for her to coordinate grabbing things, she's trying so hard and is very often successful.
- She's pulling her arm out from below her by herself when we practice rolling.

There's not a therapist nor a dr. within Team Josie that doesn't believe Josie will catch up in her own time. While other babies sit up at 4 months, Josie might sit up at 16 or 18 months - that's quite alright. Einstein didn't speak until he was 5.

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