Monday, January 21, 2013

Success! Oxygen is all around.

If you read the previous post, you'll know we didn't have the easiest time with Josie's hyperbarics oxygen therapy (hbot). But, the name of the game is power through!

I'm learning it's all about trial and error, plus me realizing that if Josie is crying in the chamber, it's ok - as long as she doesn't throw up. We tried again this past Thursday and we changed some things up, such as slowing down the time it takes to get us to pressure, positioning her differently, letting her take her bottle despite last weeks event, but not all of it and making sure she doesn't get air, and me trying to relax (I'm pretty sure she's feeding off my anxiety in there).

We made it through the dive on Thursday, but then on Friday she was crying so hard and I got scared so I got us out. I thought we might give up at that point. We didn't. We went back on Saturday and the techs were amazing, they held my iPad outside with my Infant Visual Stimulation app flashing pictures and they kept the phone they use to speak to me on next to the iPad so we can hear the classical music that plays along with the pictures. We made it through the dive and then the next 2 as well.

She does cry on and off for most of the 70 minutes, but she also calms down and laughs. Getting through it is the goal. I'm confident she will start to get used to it and cry less. The good news is - we're diving! We had 4 successful dives in the past 5 days and we'll start our 5 consecutive days schedule this week.

They say it's too early to really notice any benefits from it yet, but I will say she's been sleeping through the night! Josie has had major sleep issues all along. Typically, she either goes to bed around 7:30ish and wakes up around 11-2am or she just doesn't fall asleep until midnight, but since we started diving, she's been sleeping 12 hours straight! That alone is worth the time and money!

So if you're looking for us, we'll be in a tube for the next 2 months.

Music reference: well, I was thinking about the Interpol song 'Success' when I wrote that title, but JayZ & Nas also have a song called 'Success' as I bet tons of others do too.

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